Introducing: Lightning Protection System

In a country that experiences an average of 2 million lightning strikes per year, it is important to protect your turbine from such exposure. For this reason, we have developed an add-on Lightning Protection System that you can purchase for your turbine.

The amount of lightning strikes that a turbine is likely to be subject to varies from province to province and territory to territory. For Ontario, a lightning system is recommended as a result of the estimated number of lightning strikes expected over 15 years. Please refer to the map below for strike count by province/territory over 15 years.

Attached to the tower mast of the turbine, the Lightning Protection System extends two (2) meters away from the turbine. The top of the Lightning Protection sits at 25m above ground level in order to provide adequate protection. With a 66ft tower, this would mean an additional 4.6m or 15ft.

The top of the structure creates a virtual cone of lightning protection that encompasses the turbine below, keeping it safe from lightning strikes.

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