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What is a hybrid energy system?

What is hybrid energy system? Simple. It is when two or more sources of energy are used to produce electricity. This will help the user avoid any chances of electricity blackouts along with many other advantages.

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How can you power your tiny home with sustainable energy?

You want to transition to a tiny home? Great! You want to reduce your carbon footprint? Even better! But you don’t want to break the bank to do it? Obviously! There are actually many different options for powering your tiny dwelling and a lot of benefits by choosing the sustainable route. 

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Company News

Our Takeaways from the Virtual Cottage Life Show!

As you all know, BES recently attended 2021 Virtual Cottage Life Show & Outdoor Living Show with Cottage Life. We decided to take this show as an opportunity to also conduct some market research. Check out this post to read what we learned.

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Come get to know us

Want to know how what was the inspiration behind the Anorra? Come listen to our Founder and President Odilon P Lemieux introduce Borrum Energy Solution with a little personal touch.

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