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Wind Power 101
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The Anorra: Need To Know Information

The Anorra Warranty
Assembly & Installation
Tower Height Selection
Connection Guide 1: Heaters & Batteries
Connection Guide 2: Heaters Only
Tower Footprint
Anorra: The Quiet Energy Solution
Raising & Lowering the Anorra

Meeting Canadian Standards

How the Anorra Handles Cold Environments
IEC 61400-2
Why the Anorra is so Tough


Ontario Electricity Rates Explained

Do you ever wonder how much you are actually paying for your electricity? There are so many lines and acronyms that it all just looks like nonsense with a price tag. Luckily you can read this post and find out what you really pay for on your Ontario electricity bill.

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The Strength of Microgeneration

While a 100% renewable electricity future sounds great, there are several constraints that make this dream an impossible reality. Luckily, this leaves plenty of room for individuals to embrace microgeneration technologies to produce their own clean, renewable energy.

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