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Why wind power

Why Wind Energy?

The human harnessing of wind power dates back centuries. Although, it was originally used for crushing grains and pumping water, today it is used to generate electricity and power our cities.

Wind Turbine

The Anorra Wind Turbine

The Anorra is Borrum Energy Solution's microgeneration wind turbine. It is designed to offset your costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and survive the toughest of Canadian climates.

North America

Made for North Americans

Our design is 100% Canadian, and 85% of our parts are sourced in Canada. Our mission is to provide the highest quality for the lowest cost to you. Support a Canadian business that works with you in mind. 


Our mission at Borrum Energy Solutions Inc. in Waterloo, ON, is to provide cost-effective clean energy wind solutions. Our microgeneration wind turbine is an ideal solution to reduce overall electricity costs for cottages, rural dwellings, tiny homes, and other remote locations.

The Anorra Wind turbine
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