Made in Canada, for North Americans

Why the Anorra?

The Anorra is designed to offset your electricity costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and survive the toughest of Canadian climates. Our design is 100% Canadian, and 85% of our parts are sourced in Canada.

The Anorra Wind turbine
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Why wind power

Why Wind Energy?

The human harnessing of wind power dates back centuries. Although, it was originally used for crushing grains and pumping water, today it is used to generate electricity and power our cities.

Wind Turbine

What is Microgeneration?

A microgeneration energy solution is a renewable electricity source used to contribute to the electricity usage of a single-dwelling. Our turbine, the Anorra, is a great example of this.

Distributed Energy Resources

Why should you produce your own power? DER's provide more resiliency, independence, and lower costs than grid energy. Learn more below.


"A resilient off grid system requires a diverse set of energy inputs. The Anorra turbine will perfectly compliment our solar setup, giving us extra peace of mind knowing our batteries will stay charged throughout the winter, while powering additional appliances with the excess load. We're very excited to see how the turbine will offset our propane usage for our hydronic heated floorsystem."

G.W. near Lindsay Ontario

“ Our interest in the Annora turbine is motivated by the desire to become less dependent on the Hydro-supplied electricity at a remote cottage location, where the utility rates are high (the delivery charge currently exceeds the cost of electricity alone) and the supply reliability is limited (frequent power outages).  Ultimately, we are planning to get completely off-the grid utilizing a combination of Borrum technology, roof-mounted solar panels, and 48-V DC appliances.“

V.P. near Tobermory Ontario

"My wife and I are really looking forward to getting our Anorra wind turbine and tower installed on our rural property. As a hobby farmer it can make a real difference for electric fencing, light and some warmth for my chickens and turkeys, since my barn / coop is quite a distance from any power lines. It’s great to get a well tested and proven and mostly Canadian made solution that is also green energy. Thanks Borrum Energy Solutions."

T.C. near Quinte West Ontario