How Your Cottage Will Benefit From a Wind Turbine

Microgeneration energy solutions such as home wind turbines are quickly becoming a popular solution for cottage owners across North America. Our home wind turbine is designed to be easily installed in remote regions, including the cottage. If you are looking for a new way to reduce your carbon emissions, the AnorraTM wind turbine is for you!

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Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Wind energy has little to no negative effects on the environment compared to the main alternative of fossil fuels. Cottage owners that utilize natural gas for heat will benefit from a wind turbine which is a greener and cleaner option that emits no air pollution. Adding a home wind turbine to produce energy at your cottage will greatly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions you produce.

Gain Power Off-Grid

If your remote cottage location lacks access to a grid connection our AnorraTM microgeneration wind turbine can help you meet your electricity needs. Our innovative design makes it possible for the AnorraTM to be transported and assembled in almost all remote locations with relative ease.

Avoid Blackouts

Due to the nature cottages being located in remote areas they are highly susceptible to electrical blackouts from weather events causing damage to electrical lines. By utilizing the AnorraTM you can rest assured that even in the event of a blackout you will still have access to electricity. 

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