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Borrum Energy Solutions Inc. is a premier product engineering firm. We design and offer sustainable wind solutions for cottages, rural dwellings, tiny homes, and other remote locations nationwide. We offer our products in Northern Canada, territories and regions through our value-added resellers, and we serve the rest of Canada through online direct sales.

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Mission Statement

At Borrum Energy Solutions Inc., our mission is to harvest the power of the wind for your dwelling. The Anorra home wind turbine is specifically designed for cottages, rural dwellings, tiny homes, and remote locations. Our focus is to reduce your carbon footprint and overall electricity costs while helping you join the fight against climate change.

North America


Our vision is to become the number one North American Wind Technology. We engineer microgeneration home wind turbines made in Canada, that can operate from the coldest regions to the warmest regions.

Who We Are

Borrum Energy Solutions Inc. is a federally incorporated product engineering firm located in Canada. With a focus on harnessing wind power for homes, we also conduct extensive research and development to improve electricity generation from wind. 

Wind Power

What We Do

Borrum Energy Solutions Inc. is engaged in the design and pre-assembly of microgeneration wind turbines. With the majority of our components manufactured in North America, we offer a renewable solution for reducing total electricity costs and greenhouse gas emissions. We also dedicate time to the research and development of new wind technologies to improve our products for our consumers.

Borrum Energy Solutions Inc.’s design philosophy incorporates the notion that end consumers can assemble and raise the wind turbine on their own with commonly available tools. To assess if your dwelling/region would benefit from a microgeneration wind turbine, contact us.

Our Founder

O.P. Lemieux is the founder of Borrum Energy Solutions Inc. His LinkedIn profile can be found here.


We would like to thank all of our partners for their support. 

The Anorra Wind Turbine

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Want to reduce your total electricity costs? Want to help tackle climate change? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our product engineering firm. We have helpful representatives here at Borrum Energy Solutions Inc. that will provide you with prompt assistance. We look forward to earning your business and your trust!