Count On Wind Energy to Power Your Tiny Home

Finding the right energy solution for your tiny home can be difficult. Whether, you have a connection to a power grid or are located off-grid, having a reliable and affordable energy solution is an important aspect of living tiny. The AnorraTM wind turbine provides a cost-effective and carbon free solution to your energy needs.

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Support Your Solar Panels

The AnorraTM microgeneration wind turbine is the perfect compliment for any solar system. When there is overcast or your the efficiency of your solar system is depleted by hot temperatures you can rest assured your AnorraTM has your back.

Energy Security

Having a wind turbine generating power for your tiny home can help you avoid blackouts, reduce your reliance on grid energy, and provide you with more energy security. Our home wind turbine will provide you with reliable energy throughout the year and will last you many years.

Go Green

Green energy is quickly becoming one of the most affordable and efficient energy solutions on the planet. Purchasing your own microgeneration turbine will contribute to a better and brighter future for our planet while, contributing to your energy security. 

Learn How Harvesting The Wind Can Save You Money and Go Green

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