Test Windows and Doors For Drafts


              Your homes insulation is its best line of defense against the ever-changing conditions outside. Effective insulation can be the difference between having a good night’s sleep or waking up in a pool of sweat wondering why your pillows are at your feet. Also, having poor insulation will result in higher electricity costs year-round, something that could also keep you up at night.

Two areas that can have a huge impact are your homes windows and exterior doors. Our founder, Odilon, has two tips that he swears by for checking these vulnerable areas.

Tip #1: Doors


              To check your door’s insulation, wait until it is dark out and turn off all your home’s exterior lights. Then, turn on lights inside close to the door or have someone stand inside and shine a flashlight around the door frame.

              The purpose of this is to see if any light manages to get through the cracks between the door and its frame. If any light comes through, mark the area, and add more insulation. Repeat the process until no more light shines through. Make sure you check the bottom of the door as well!

              Now you have a fully insulated door jam that will not be letting any drafts in anytime soon.

Tip #2: Windows


Now that you are back from checking your door, let’s take a look at windows.

To test these, light a candle and make your way to the window that you want to test.

Note: It is best to do this test on a windy day, so the effect is more noticeable.

So, now that you are at the window, hold the candle steady at no more than 1 inch from the window frame. Then, proceed to move it slowly along the window frame. If there are any leaks, the flame will move away from the window. When this happens, mark the spot, and add more insulation. Repeat the process until you have eliminated all drafts.  


So, there you have it, a couple of quick and inexpensive tips to test the insulation around your windows and doors. If you want to find out some other tips for improving energy efficiency check out this post on 6 ways to boost your cottage's energy efficiency!

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