7 Eco-Friendly Improvements for your Tiny Home

Tiny homes are becoming a significant contributor to an environment-friendly lifestyle. They are encouraging minimalism and a simple life. Everyday households are drowning in material, causing chaos and clutter. Our brain is constantly trying to organize everything. A tiny home lifestyle allows us to reduce expenses, stress, and anxieties. Above all, it leads us to reduce our carbon footprint. If you live in a tiny home or want to move into one, here are some potential upgrades to make a tiny home even more eco-friendly.

  1. Get a skylight to save energy by replacing artificial lighting with natural light during the day.
  2. Install Energy Star-certified windows to prevent heated or cooled air from escaping your home and reduce electricity costs.
  3. Get energy-efficient lights.
  4. Implement wind and solar energy systems to generate electricity from renewable energy sources.
  5. Get tankless water heaters that are more energy efficient than regular water heaters, as they only operate when hot water is needed.
  6. Change to environmentally friendly flooring like sustainable woods, bamboo, or natural linoleum, which are some of the most popular green flooring choices because they emit low levels of formaldehyde emissions.
  7. Build a Tiny Garden

These seven upgrades will make your tiny home more eco-friendly, reducing your costs and carbon footprint. Borrum Energy Solutions offers the Anorra home wind turbines for tiny homes, which are a reliable choice to generate electricity while being eco-friendly.

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