Above average temperatures in Canada this summer

In 2023, Canada experienced the hottest summer when the earth broke temperature records. Canada is predicted to experience above-average temperatures this summer as well, specifically everywhere that is east of the Ontario-Manitoba boundary. Hotter than usual temperatures, windier Alberta, extreme wildfires, severe thunderstorms, and heat domes from the US impacting Canada in the form of storms—all of these are more symptoms of climate change that are affecting Canada now.
Environment Canada recommends everyone start preparing for the extreme heat to prevent heat exhaustion and heat strokes. Some ways to prepare for the hot temperatures are:

  • Stay hydrated and dress for the weather.
  • Use a heat pump to cool up your house in a sustainable way.
  • Plan for the weather; if planning outdoor activities, take an umbrella to protect from the sun.
  • Plant green roofs and trees to provide shade for your home.

As Canada is experiencing more symptoms of climate change, the temperatures in the summers will only go up from here. It is necessary for everyone to reduce their contribution to climate change by using more sustainable solutions for electricity generation. Borrum Energy Solutions provides sustainable electricity generation solutions for cottage owners, rural dwellers, and tiny homes.

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