Canada's Clean Technology Investment Tax Credits

As Canada is targeting the net-zero emissions goal by 2050, the government takes actions to involve companies in building a net zero country. If you are a business owner in Canada, you may be eligible for tax credits for investments in Canada that support this transition to emission reduction. The Clean Economy Investment Tax Credits (ITCs), representing $93 billion in federal incentives by 2034–35, will play an essential role in supporting Canadian innovation, creating jobs, and attracting investment in clean technology. More specifically,

  • Investments in technologies that capture CO2 emissions. 
  • Capital investments in the adoption of new clean technology. 
  • Capital investments in the production of clean hydrogen and clean ammonia in Canada
  • Capital investments in new technology manufacturing and processing in Canada.

“Clean technology innovation and projects will be a key driver of how we decarbonize, create jobs, and bring investment to Canada as we build a prosperous net-zero economy in 2050”, said the Minister of Natural Resources. With this significant advance by the government of Canada, companies are encouraged to invest in clean technologies like wind turbines or solar systems to be eligible for tax credits. Borrum Energy Solutions fosters clean, renewable energy through our Anorra wind turbines and tower products for rural Canadians. 

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