Enjoying the True North, 6ft Apart

As we finish off Day 76 in provincial lockdown, many individuals, including ourselves, are probably feeling pretty stir-crazy and cooped up. Staying at home started off as a pretty fun change to the routine: have all day to do what you need, exercise, sleep-in, conference calls, work with your pets, etc. But now, even the daily routine you have gotten used to might feel like a drag. With the advisories to stay home, stay six feet apart, and not see people outside of your household, there does not seem to be much you can do to spice up the day. 

However, as of this past weekend, some outdoor activities have opened up. With the expanse of the great outdoors, staying six feet apart is a breeze. Places like provincial parks, conservations areas, beaches, and some recreational areas (marinas, golf courses, etc.) are now open to the public. But before you go anywhere, double-check online or call ahead to make sure they do not have any new regulations.

As the world begins to open up again, and people start to come out of their homes, we will be featuring different places around Ontario that you should visit this summer. These features will only be posted on our social media (Instagram, Twitter, and, Pinterest), so be sure to follow us to see them all. As long as regulations are followed, there is no reason to not add a hike or two into your schedule. To kick off the series of features, we would like to introduce you to Hilton Falls. 

Hilton Falls

Hilton Falls in Halton

Located in Halton, this conservation area features bike-only trails, as well as hiking and horseback riding routes. With the stunning Hilton falls at the top, mill ruins, and the reservoir, any path leads to beauty. The cherry on top for the chillier days is the bonfire that runs at the top of the trail all day long. Not to mention, the countless chipmunks, birds, and wildlife that can be spotted along the trails.

If you want to visit this gorgeous, less-known, trail, be sure to call ahead and book a reservation as they are now limiting the number of people within the trails.

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