Is Natural Gas as Clean as we Think it Is?

While it is a common understanding that natural gas emits less greenhouse gasses than coal or oil, the truth is more complicated.

Like all other fossil fuels, natural gas must be extracted, transported, and then burned for use. Natural gas is unique, because during all those processes it is constantly leaking substantial amounts methane into the air. This means that methane is constantly escaping from abandoned wells, pipelines, and many homes and buildings where it is stored and burned.

This is a massive problem because methane is among the most powerful greenhouse gases known to science. Methane has 90 times the heat-trapping potential of carbon dioxide on a 20-year scale. This makes the use of natural gas a major source of greenhouse emissions. Ultimately, natural gas is not a clean fuel solution.

The only true clean solution for energy generation is renewable energy. As a planet we need to move towards fully renewable energy generation to reduce climate change impacts. For example, sources of renewable energy like wind and solar are viable options to work towards a better future. Borrum Energy Solutions makes the transition to renewable energy for homeowners easy with microgeneration wind technology.

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