New Study Reveals That Methane Emissions Are Often Underestimated

A new study from Carleton University’s Energy and Emissions Research Lab states that methane emissions from Alberta’s energy industry for example can be underestimated by nearly 50%. The study used several different measuring methods for methane emissions.

 The lab measured emissions at ground level as well as from airplane and satellite data. This is the first time a combination of both methods has been used. The study involved 3500 different oil and gas facilities and 5600 wells. The Carleton University’s researchers concluded that the official government and industry methodology had severely underestimated the amount of methane emissions. For example, the official government estimation was equal to 15 megatons of carbon dioxide a year, equivalent to the emissions of three million cars per year. According to the Carleton study, a more realistic approximation of the emissions would be equivalent to 4.5 million cars, or a 50% increase. According to the researchers, estimates using ground-based measurements alone are incorrect. As a result, Climate Change Canada is now re-evaluating its methane emissions statistics.

 The methane emissions estimates are likely much higher than originally thought. We must increase our efforts to reduce methane emission levels. The Anorra Turbines and Towers are a valid option for rural homeowners, tiny homeowners, and cottage owners to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt wind-based clean renewable energy to power and heat their homes.

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