Solar vs Wind Energy

Solar and Wind energy are the frontrunners for most utilized non fossil sources of energy. There’s no question that solar energy is leading the charge in residential and urban energy systems due to its compact size. However, how does solar energy stack up to wind energy in the grand scheme of things?

What Produces More Electricity?

At peak performance, the most efficient residential solar panel currently available on the market can convert 20% of the energy harnessed from the sun. On the other hand, wind turbines have the ability to convert anywhere from 60% - 90% of the energy harnessed from the wind, thus making it substantially more efficient. Wind turbines also do not rely on sunlight and daylight to produce energy, giving it the ability to generate energy 24 hours of the day.

What Are Their Benefits?

Obviously, the biggest impact these energy producing resources provide are their ability to cut down on toxic air pollution. Beyond that, Wind and Solar energy boast numerous amounts of benefits such as produce energy back to the electrical grid, thus improving the electrical infrastructure. These alternatives also thrive in rural areas, allowing dwelling owners the ability to cut electrical costs while also providing a reliable backup power source.

Doing Your Due Diligence

For a dwelling owner looking to shift towards cleaner energy, its vital that the proper research is done to ensure the proper steps are taken within the process. Borrum Energy Solutions provides all sorts of information on wind energy production and microgeneration wind turbines. Our wind turbine products have been proudly serving Canadians for over five years! For more information on our products, services, and the wind energy industry please visit our website.

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