Partners with University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo and Borrum Energy Solutions announced the launch of a University Research – Industry partnership project for the development and testing of “Additive manufacturing of soft and hard magnetic materials”.  This research leverages the world-renowned Multi-Scale Additive Manufacturing Laboratory at the University of Waterloo with Borrum Energy Solutions who specializes in the design and manufacturing of Microgeneration Wind Turbines. 

According to  Dr. Mihaela Vlasea, Assistant Professor, UOW Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering,” Additive manufacturing  (AM)  has the potential to improve the performance of generators by virtue of enhanced geometrical design and spatially-tailored material properties of the electromechanical components. The use of AM for the fabrication of magnetic/soft-magnetic parts is the early stages of development and has attracted attention from industry and researchers alike. We are enthusiastic that such momentum will bring about research discovery and timely industrial solutions”

According to Odilon P. Lemieux, Borrum Energy Solutions’ founder and President, “This research partnership with a world-renowned organization has the potential to develop and test 3D metal printing commercial processes that will substantially improve turbine generators efficiency, providing more clean generated electricity to Canadians at lower unit cost. We are excited about the future that this project can bring and would like to thank our sponsors who helped make this project a reality.”

A step forward towards a more sustainable energy world.