For Your Peace of Mind

NorthWind Engineering and Borrum Energy Solutions are pleased to announce that the Anorra Microgeneration Wind Turbine blades met if not exceeded the International Electrotechnical Commission – Small  Wind Turbines design standards (IEC-61400-2).

According to Drew Gertz, President at NorthWind Engineering:

"A comprehensive blade design program was followed to ensure the robustness and reliability of the Anorra blades. The most advanced simulation and analysis tools were employed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the assessments. The Anorra blades' shape is aerodynamically optimal, and the structural design conforms to stringent safety criteria and with significant margins of safety. The result is an extremely high confidence level that the Anorra blades will survive various abnormal environmental conditions that the turbine will encounter. I am pleased to have been a part of the design team leading to a 'Top of the Line' Canadian designed blade".

According to Odilon P. Lemieux, Borrum Energy Solutions’ founder, and President:

"Meeting, if not exceeding, the international standard is particularly important in ensuring high reliability for our target markets in Northern Canada and across the country". 

We would like to thank our investors who helped make this project a reality.

Check out our infographic for more details. 

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