The Anorra Turbine (Deposit)

The Anorra Turbine (Deposit)

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The Anorra Turbine not only reduced greenhouse gas emissions, but it also reduces electricity costs and increases energy availability. 

Our design is 100% Canadian, and 85% of our parts are sourced in Canada. Our mission is to provide the highest quality for the lowest cost to you.

Read the details below before placing your deposit.

As of June 18, 2020, cheque deposits sent by mail will be accepted. Please make cheque payable to "Borrum Energy Solutions" and mail to: 

5-420 suite 240
Erb street West
Waterloo, N2L6K6

Once sent, please email us and we will begin processing your order. 

Maximum Power5 kW
Maximum Rated Wind25 m/s
Design Lifetime25 Years
Minimum Temperature-50 C
Rated Power1.1 kW
Rated Wind Speed12.5 m/s

Lightweight Design

Weighing only 41kg, the turbine can be raised with a common SUV, ATV, tractor or pick-up truck. The lightweight also allows for easy transportation to remote locations

Made for You

Customizable for your location with both tower height and anchor styles. Check out the chart below to decide on the anchor type.
Not sure what height of tower to get? Contact us and we can help. 

Toothbrush product

Simple Set-Up

Designed to be assembled by the buyer, only common household tools are required for final assembly. Upon arrival, set-up takes only one day. 

24/7 Support

If you require assistance during set-up or for maintenance through the turbine's life, our team is available by phone 24/7 or by video-call during office hours. 

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Choosing the Right Location

The base of the tower should be no more than 100ft away from the dwelling it will be powering. Additionally, 38ft away from the base, at each showcased point, you will place an anchor and guy wire.

Types of Anchors

Once the location of the anchors is determined, you will need to asses the soil type. It is imperative that the right anchor type is selected so that the tower is stable and passes inspection. Once your order is placed, you will be contacted to select an anchor type with our guidance. 

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Choosing the Right Tower Height

In order to get the proper amount of wind to the turbine, you want the tower to end at least 20ft above the surrounding obstructions. Most importantly, the obstructions located upwind from the dominant wind should be well below the height of the turbine.


Reduce Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Save on Your Electricity Bills

Be Independently Off-Grid

Next Steps:

Decide if Wind is Right for You

If you are want to learn more, email us and we can complete a wind profile for you; complete with Annual Energy Production and ROI. 

Select the Right Location

Using our maps (above), find the right placement for your turbine. We will help you choose the right anchor type after you place your deposit.

Deposit & Delivery

After you place your deposit, a member of our team will contact you will information regarding anchors and shipping. After paying your full invoice, the turbine will be delivered to your door!