Alberta Announced a Seven-Month Pause on Renewable Energy Projects

On August 3, The United Conservative Party (UCP) government in Alberta declared that it would be pausing all renewable energy generation projects for seven months. The UCP also ordered the Alberta Utilities Commission to examine the future rules for new projects, specifically around the effects on agricultural land and the post-project cleanup requirements.

There are concerns as to whether developers of renewable energy projects will reconsider their plans after the pause. Once the rules for new energy projects are changed, a project shift may not be feasible in Alberta.  The government’s reason for this pause was due to concerns raised by the Utilities Commission regarding farmland and concerns raised by municipalities and landowners.

In 2016, Alberta introduced legislation that aimed for renewable energy to make up 30 percent of electricity in the province by 2030. Alberta is currently on track to hit this target. There are enough projects currently in the pipeline to reach this target before 2030. The bigger challenge for Alberta is moving beyond the 2030 goal and striving for a net-zero grid.

Although Alberta’s government is currently resisting a commitment to a net-zero grid beyond 2030, consumers can take on efforts to strive towards clean energy development. The Anorra Turbines and Towers can help rural homeowners, cottage owners, and tiny homeowners play a part in expanding renewable energy production and encouraging a sustainable future.

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