Reduce Your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Save on Your Electricity Bills

Be Independently Off-Grid

The Anorra Home Wind Turbine

100% Canadian Design

The Anorra home wind turbine is designed to offset your electricity costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and survive the toughest of Canadian climates. Our design is 100% Canadian, and 85% of our parts are sourced in Canada.

Simple Setup

Weighing only 41kg, the home wind turbine can be raised with a common SUV, ATV, tractor or pick-up truck. The lightweight design also allows for easy transportation to remote locations.

Made for You

Our home wind turbine kits are customized for your location with both tower height and anchor styles. Check out the graphic below to learn more about anchor types.
Not sure what height of tower to get? Contact us and we can help. 

The Anorra Wind Turbine

Unintrusive Design 

With a quiet and smaller design, this turbine is built to to provide an unintrusive wind energy alternative to small and/or remote dwellings. 

24/7 Support

If you require assistance during set-up or for maintenance through the turbine's life, our team is available by phone 24/7 or by video-call during office hours. 

With an investment payback in the range of 5-10 years or less across Canada, you will benefit from the savings in no time.

Wind Turbine tower heights

Multiple Tower Heights to Suit Your Needs

Choosing from 24ft, 48ft, or 66ft, gives you the flexibility to capture as much wind as possible in any given area. The tower's modular nature makes assembly and installation a breeze.

Anchor into Anything

Whether you have rocky terrain, farm soil, or a combination of the two, you will be able to install and anchor the Anorra turbine with ease.

Don't have soil or bedrock?
We also have cement and monotube anchors. 

Earth Anchor and bedrock anchor

Get Started:

Decide if a Home Wind Turbine is Right for You

If you are want to learn more, email us and we can complete a wind profile for you; complete with Annual Energy Production and ROI. 

Select the Right Location

Using our maps, find the right placement for your home wind turbine. We will help you choose the right anchor type after you place your deposit.

Deposit & Delivery

After you place your deposit, a member of our team will contact you will information regarding anchors and shipping. After paying your full invoice, the turbine will be delivered to your door! 

Modular Height Tailored to Your Location

Choosing the right tower height for your Anorra turbine is crucial for ensuring you get the power you need to your home. The higher your tower, the more wind is available to generate that power for you. However, in places of high wind, lower towers may be an option. Let's walk through selecting the perfect tower height for you.

1. Determine the Direction of the Dominant Wind

The first step to selecting the right tower height is determining where the dominant wind comes from. In North America, dominant winds generally flow west to east. Check your local weather report to be certain.

3. Add 20ft to the Tallest Obstruction's Height

Once you determine the height of the tallest obstruction, add 20ft. This number is your minimum tower height for the turbine. Our towers are 24ft, 48ft, and 66ft; be sure to round up!

2. Locate any Obstructions to the Dominant Wind

Once you establish where the dominant wind originates from, you can evaluate any possible obstructions in that direction. Estimate the height of these obstructions as you will need a 20ft clearance for the turbine. 

4. Ensure You Have the Required Area for Installation

Finally, consider the installation process. Our turbines are assembled horizontally and then raised. It is important that you have the area to build the turbine flat and then raise it. As an example, a 48ft tower will need at least 48ft of land on which to be constructed before being raised. Scroll down to access diagrams. 

Remember: The higher your tower, the more wind, and more power you will get. See the comparison to the left for Nova Scotia, Canada. 

The base of the tower should be no more than 100ft away from the dwelling it will be powering. Additionally, the tower's 'footprint' refers to the amount of space the tower needs to be set up properly and securely. Each tower requires 3 anchors to hold it in place; one at 90° from the tilt tower pin, and two at 120° from the first anchor. Each anchor is 36ft away from the tower.

Anchor Selection

Our team will help you select the right anchors for your terrain. Each anchor secures three (3) guy-wires which attach to the tower mast of the turbine. 

Wind turbine anchor installation
Made to Last. No Matter the Weather.

The Anorra Turbine not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, it also reduces electricity costs and increases energy availability. Having met the IEC 61400-2 standard, you can rest assured that no matter how extreme or abnormal the weather, your turbine will be safe and provide you with power. 

General Specifications 
Design Lifetime25 Years
Overall Weight41 kg
Turbine TypeHorizontal-Axis
Body MaterialAnodized Aluminum & Galvanized Steel
Power ControlTail Furling
Secondary Safety SystemElectromagnetic Brake
Wind & Power Specifications 
Maximum Power5 kW
Maximum Rated Speed25 m/s
Rated Power1.1 kW
Rated Wind Speed12.5 m/s
Start Wind Speed3.5 m/s
Cut-in Wind Speed4.2 m/s
Survival Wind Speed52.7 m/s
Rotor & Generator Specifications 
Rotor Diameter2 m
Rotor Maximum Speed1400 rpm
Blade MaterialCarbon Fiber
Voltage24/48 AC Phase
Generator TypePermanent Magnet

Anorra 24

Good wind with no obstructions.

  • 1x 24ft Turbine Tower
  • 1x Anorra Turbine

Anorra 48

Great wind with some obstructions.

  • 1x 48ft Turbine Tower
  • 1x Anorra Turbine

Anorra 66

Excellent wind with some obstructions.

  • 1x 66ft Turbine Tower
  • 1x Anorra Turbine

Always Included

  • 3x Earth or Bedrock Anchors
  • 1x Electrical Pack (wires, ground plate, ground wire, etc.)
  • 5-Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
  • Phone and Video Installation Support 
  • Ongoing Support for Turbine Lifetime


*Shipping and taxes are added at time of final quote.

  • "A resilient off grid system requires a diverse set of energy inputs. The Anorra turbine will perfectly compliment our solar setup, giving us extra peace of mind knowing our batteries will stay charged throughout the winter, while powering additional appliances with the excess load. We're very excited to see how the turbine will offset our propane usage for our hydronic heated floor system." - G.W. near Lindsay Ontario
  • “ Our interest in the Anorra turbine is motivated by the desire to become less dependent on the Hydro-supplied electricity at a remote cottage location, where the utility rates are high (the delivery charge currently exceeds the cost of electricity alone) and the supply reliability is limited (frequent power outages). Ultimately, we are planning to get completely off-the grid utilizing a combination of Borrum technology, roof-mounted solar panels, and 48-V DC appliances. “ - V.P. near Tobermory Ontario
  • "My wife and I are really looking forward to getting our Anorra wind turbine and tower installed on our rural property. As a hobby farmer it can make a real difference for electric fencing, light and some warmth for my chickens and turkeys, since my barn / coop is quite a distance from any power lines. It’s great to get a well-tested and proven and mostly Canadian made solution that is also green energy. Thanks, Borrum Energy Solutions." - T.C. near Quinte West Ontario
The Anorra Turbine & Tower (Deposit) Turbine Borrum Energy Solutions
The Anorra Turbine & Tower (Deposit) Turbine Borrum Energy Solutions

The Anorra Home Wind Turbine & Tower


To secure your order, place your $400.00 deposit here. Once processed, our team will reach out to you to finalize details such as anchor type and shipping. Once finalized, you will be invoiced for the remaining balance for your order. 

You may choose to indicate the height of your tower and the length of the warranty at this time; however, we will confirm these details with you before the final invoice is sent as well. 

As of June 18, 2020, cheque deposits sent by mail will be accepted. Please make cheque payable to "Borrum Energy Solutions" and mail to: 

5-420 suite 240
Erb Street West
Waterloo, N2L6K6

Once sent, please email us and we will begin processing your order. 

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