Billions of Snow Crabs Vanish Due to Rising Ocean Temperatures

In recent years, billions of snow crabs have vanished from Alaska’s waters. A study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provided evidence that the increasing temperature of the eastern Bering Sea was the cause of their disappearance. As a result, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has canceled snow crab season this year.

After the population of snow crabs fell in early 2020, scientists wanted to find out whether the snow crabs migrated elsewhere or if they died. Researchers searched for evidence of the snow crabs north of the Bering Sea, and toward Russian waters. However, they did not find any evidence of migration and have concluded that they have died off. The increasing ocean temperatures resulted in higher metabolic rates in crabs, increasing their caloric needs and making them require more food. However, the crabs were unable to reach this caloric demand and died due to starvation.

Unfortunately, snow crabs aren’t the only ocean creatures to suffer from global warming. Since January 2019, approximately 700 gray whales have washed up on the Pacific coast. A recent study has shown evidence that due to the melting ice; the whales’ food chain has been disrupted.

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