Can Renewable Energy Sources Mitigate Climate Change?

According to the Government of Canada The number 1 cause for climate change is human activity. We have been burning fossil fuels for countless years at an increasing pace which is destroying our climate and environment. Burning these fuels release carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas. This process produces the greenhouse effect which is referred to making the earth warmer. With 2020 being recorded as the 2nd warmest year it goes to show how serious this issue is becoming which is why it needs to be our priority.

Renewable energy sources are energy that are acquired from natural sources like wind, sunlight, and water. Solar, Wind, and hydro energy have been 3 of the largest clean renewable energy sources. The major benefit of these sources is that they produce no greenhouse gas emissions and can reduce air pollution. We have already seen a shift towards using clean renewable energy sources, but we must act faster. Countries need to ensure that they are fulfilling the Paris Agreement to ensure that we keep temperature rise below 2°C preferably below 1.5°C.

Wind energy has been one of the fastest growing sources of electricity globally. Wind is sustainable and can be harnessed to send power across the grid. Wind energy does not contaminate, it reduces the use of fossil fuels and is it inexhaustible. Currently supplying 3% of the worlds electricity it is expected to meet almost 10% of the global demand by 2040. Small wind turbines are also a great way for a household or a business to use clean renewable energy. These small wind turbines are cost-effective and have a very low maintenance cost which make them a very feasible option.

Climate change is a global issue, but it is felt by at the local scale. Third world countries who only account for 14% of the carbon emissions are seeing the worst of climate change. Cities need to implement plans and measures that need to be taken to reduce and mitigate climate change. Creating plans to adapt to the current climate situations by changing our current behavior, systems, and way of life. A push towards more sustainable transport methods is needed. Renewable energy sources can mitigate climate change, but it will only work if everyone is ready to make the switch and invest in these renewable energy sources. The more we invest into reducing emissions right now the easier it will become for the future generations. We have taken our world for granted and it is time to realize not much will be left is we continue to burn it down.



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