Canada Dedicated to Meet 2030 Emissions Reduction Goal

In the wake of the 2024 National Inventory Report, it is clear that the efforts to fight climate change are yielding substantial results. The report reveals significant reductions in coal consumption, which shows Canada’s dedication to meet its 2030 emissions reduction plan.

Greenhouse gas emissions in 2022 were 44 megatonnes fewer than pre-pandemic levels, which is equivalent to taking millions of gas-powered cars off the roads. Except for COVID-19 years when greenhouse gas emissions dropped suddenly, 2022 emissions were the lowest they have been in 25 years. Restriction on coal led to a significant decrease in emissions from the public electricity and heat production. Unfortunately, emissions from commercial, institutional, and residential fuel combustion have increased 5.3 percent. Canada can go further to reduce emissions used in residential fuel consumption by switching to clean energy alternatives.

The inventory report shows that many parts of the economy in Canada are becoming greener through the adaption of new clean technologies and with the boost of investments in renewable energy infrastructure. Amid this transition to clean energy in Canada, it is crucial to emphasize the role of renewable sources that are used to generate fuel instead of other non-renewable energies.

 As one of the fastest growing energy sources in Canada, wind energy is expected to reach 27.75 gigawatt in 2029 from 18.17 gigawatt in 2024, increasing 52.7 percent with growth of investments in wind energy production facilities, contributing to the goal of emissions reduction by 2030.

Being in the wind power sector, Borrum Energy Solutions provides opportunity for Canadians to contribute to the greenhouse gas emissions reduction from residential units. The Anorra wind turbines can help cottage owners, rural and tiny homeowners by providing them with clean electricity as opposed to other alternatives, reducing their carbon footprint while operating safely.

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