Canadian Doctors Warn About the Health Impacts of Climate Change

At COP28, this year’s UN climate change conference, a group of Canadian doctors are raising awareness about the damage that climate change is causing to patients’ health and the overall healthcare system.  The climate and health crises are closely related issues that need some attention. On Dec 10th, the COP28 conference will hold speeches and events exploring topics ranging from air pollution and food scarcity to how public health can become resilient to climate change.

 This past summer, three hospitals in the Northwest Territories were closed for several weeks due to the risk of extreme weather events. An emergency room physician in Yellowknife stated that a 100-bed hospital required the help of people from multiple provinces to relocate the patients in a healthcare system that’s already under strain. Climate scientists say the risk and frequency of extreme weather events will increase due to climate change.

 A Calgary emergency room physician stated that this past summer was one of the worst years in Alberta for wildfires and the impact on people’s health was noticeable. This physician has had patients who have been exposed to smoke over the last month and haven’t recovered their baseline respiratory health.

 As the frequency of climate change disasters increases, it is important that consumers transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy. The Anorra Turbines and Towers are a valid option for rural homeowners, tiny homeowners, and cottage owners to lower their carbon footprint by adopting wind-based clean renewable energy.

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