Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss Leads to Health Issues

Over 200 medical journals requested that the World Health Organization (WHO) announce “climate change and biodiversity loss” as a global health emergency. It is mentioned that these two crises have the potential for extreme danger to human health. These health-related concerns arise from the spread of infectious diseases, increased waterborne infections, and air pollution.

As a result of changes in land use, many species have been forced into closer contact. This has led to a greater exchange of bacteria and thus new diseases have formed. As the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity have negatively impacted human health, it is important for climate and nature scientists and politicians to consider health and nature crises together instead of as separate problems.

The authors of the medical journals are requesting that the WHO declare both the health and nature issues as a global health emergency before the Next World Health Assembly in May 2024. However, this decision requires careful consideration as this is a long-term problem rather than temporary, and the WHO has clear rules for what would be considered a “public health emergency of international concern”.

An emergency declaration by the WHO would bring more focus and urgency to this serious issue. The authors believe that this declaration will bring scientists, government officials, and policymakers together during the “Conference of the Parties” (COP) climate talks in the coming months to find a way to resolve the issue. The COP refers to the 198 parties that have signed the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”. There is a lot of respect for the WHO, and thus the declaration could influence policy decisions of member states.

As the climate crisis has worsened to the point where human health is being affected, we must minimize our usage of fossil fuels. Rural homeowners, tiny homeowners, and cottage owners can play a role in preventing further climate change by leveraging the Anorra Turbines and Towers to produce clean renewable energy.

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