Cold snaps don’t disprove Global Warming.

Canadians are not new to the idea of cold spells as the weather gets warmer. Cold spells are those frigid cold days during warmer months that send a shivering quiver down your spine. These cold snaps are more than just a minor inconvenience to those getting ready for the summer months. Climate change deniers tend to use these days as proof that global warming does not exist, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Those who try to disprove global warming expect linear growth in temperature to be proof that global warming exists. The problem with this is that almost everything either increases or decreases at variable rates. The article references the growth of Apple’s stock price because, since the beginning of being a publicly traded stock, the price has increased in value tremendously, but there have been dips in the stock price from time to time. These dips in price, in the long run, are almost irrelevant to the bigger picture in the current price of the stock now. This comparison shows that the earth’s average temperature has also had its dips throughout its time which can be seen through cold snaps, but this doesn’t change how in the long run there has been an overall increase in the earth's average temperature.

Scientists refer to this error in thinking as thinking in black and white. Usually, global warming deniers have this all-in-or-nothing type of thinking that gives them the smallest reasons to not believe in something. They need to be 100% sure that something exists, there is no being 99% sure because then they will deny the evidence. So, when most studies have proven that burning fossil fuels are directly linked to global warming, they will find one study with hardly any scientific basis to prove global warming doesn’t exist. Some people just want to be different to be different, don’t even get us started on those who try to disprove the world is round.

Global warming is becoming more and more noticeable; ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and more droughts are happening, and those are just some of the several proofs out there. As global warming becomes an increasingly important topic, we must not let thinking errors get in the way of addressing the problem. Clean energy from our Anorra Wind Turbines is a prime example on how we can do our part to counteract global warming. Learn more about our turbines through our website or by giving us a call at 519-743-9463

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