Complement Your Solar Energy with Wind Energy

Solar and wind energy are the fastest-growing sources of clean, renewable energy. When one is in its least productive state, the other is in its most productive state.

Wind generates a significant increase in electricity during the fall and winter months when the wind speed is above the annual average. The opposite is true for solar: solar panels need as much sunlight as possible to generate electricity; therefore, the summer months are the peak months for solar energy generation. The time of day is also a factor: solar produces electricity during the daytime, while wind is more predominant late in the day, in the evening, and at night. In conclusion, wind turbines create more electricity in winter and fall, at night, and at lower temperatures, while solar systems produce electricity based on solar intensity, most effective in sunny environments. Overall, solar and wind are two great renewable energy sources that complement each other.

Read our blog on how wind and solar power complement each other for more detail. Borrum Energy Solutions offers wind-based electricity-generating solutions for cottages, rural dwellings, and tiny homes, delivering safe, reliable, and renewable energy.

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