Concerns Arise Over Proposed Toronto Gas Plant Upgrades

A subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation called Atura Power, outlined plans on September 28th to expand output at a natural gas plant in Toronto. The company held a public consultation meeting about the proposed upgrades. Atura Power officials said the upgrades would not increase the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Critics are concerned that the upgrade would lead to the province relying more on natural gas-powered energy at a time when we should be reducing our dependence on it. The gas plant that Atura Power is upgrading is Toronto’s single largest greenhouse gas polluter. In fact, it creates as much pollution as 133,000 cars.

The chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance blamed Ontario Premier Doug Ford for the dependence on gas plants and mentioned that their output has more than doubled in Ontario since he was elected. The plant is scheduled to close in 2029. Propositions are now being made for it to remain open until 2034. The Ontario Energy Minister mentioned that the province needs gas plants to meet an expected rise in demand for electricity. Although the province is investing in nuclear energy, there is a reluctance to eliminate natural gas energy.

Ontario’s electricity demands are rising, and it is now more important than ever to adopt renewable energy sources. In a time when the province is hesitating to reduce its carbon footprint, citizens can show their support for the transition to clean renewable energy. The Anorra Turbines and Towers can help rural homeowners, cottage owners, or tiny homeowners reduce carbon footprints and help protect the environment.

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