Cottage Staples: Tools Needed for Every Cottage

For anyone who does not own a cottage, a trip up north usually only means one thing: relaxation. But for a cottage owner, they know that you can only relax if the cottage is safe and sound for all its visitors.

That is why so much cottage time is spent repairing and maintaining it so everyone else can enjoy themselves. And whether you are an experienced DIYer or a new cottage owner, there are a few tools that you should make sure are in your arsenal.


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Pliers come in all shapes and sizes. From needle nose to adjustable and anywhere in between, pliers ae always a good thing to have around. They are a simple tool that can have many different uses.

For example, a basic pair of pliers like the one pictured above can be used for pulling out old nails from a deck, helping to untie a sticky knot at the dock, or to unhook a fish that was a bit too enthusiastic when eating your bait.

However, if you want something more specific, there are specially designed pliers for all sorts of uses. If you must maintain an outboard motor, a pair of spark-plug pliers may be of great use. Or, if you are working on your cottages electrical system, some wire cutters might come in handy.


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With an ever increasing number of cottage toys being seen on the lake, having a set of wrenches is more important than ever. They could make the difference between ripping around the lake on your jet ski or watching it bob in the waves tied up to the dock.

Like pliers, wrenches come in all shapes and sizes to fit an array of different applications. The most common is the open-ended wrench like the one pictured above. These consist of a solid metal construction with two open ends each for a different size of bolt. Then there are adjustable wrenches like a plumber’s wrench with a rotating mechanism to change the size of the jaws.

At the cottage, a small adjustable wrench is the perfect mix of versatility and size that can handle almost any cottage project.


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No, we are not talking about the cocktail, save that for after the project is done. What we are talking about is a tool that is often overlooked, but if you do not have the right one, can add a frustrating amount of time to a project if a trip to the hardware store is required.

For most jobs, there are three screw drivers that you should have. First, a Phillips or cross-headed screw driver is a must-have as this type of screw is widely used across many applications from furniture to appliances.

The second is the flat-head or slotted screw driver. Not only useful as a screw driver, these can be used as a small pry bar or wedge.

The third is the Robertson or square headed screw driver. A Canadian invention, this screw type is not as common now, but in the era that many cottages and cabins were built they were the standard. So while you might find yourself reaching for the Phillips head more often, it is always a good idea to have one of these in the toolbox.

And like wrenches, having different sizes is a good idea, so investing in a set of screwdrivers may be better in the long run rather than buying them individually.


One of these is essential to a weekend at the cottage, with many different models from brands like Leatherman and Swiss Army, there is a multi-tool for every application you can think of.

No matter which one you choose you’ll have a easily pocketable tool with way more functionality than its size may suggest. I know my Swiss Army knife always comes in handy when I am at the lake!

Hex key set

If you are into cycling, you probably already have one of these for your bike, but there are many other uses emerging for this tool.

Hex screws are commonly used in electronics and machines, so if look around your cottage and try to find some, you probably will.

A set of hex keys is inexpensive and can be a life saver when you need them so you should include one in your cottage toolbox.


All of these tools can play an important role in keeping your cottage safe, and tackling the usual summer projects. But, they are also all that you need to assemble an Anorra microgeneration wind turbine if you are interested in taking your cottage off-grid or if you do not have the option of running a power line to your remote property. The turbine and tower can be assembled using basic tools and raised using any vehicle larger than an ATV.

So, while you are assembling the perfect cottage tool box for next spring, take some time to think about how you can become more independent, save on energy costs, and help fight climate change with an Anorra wind turbine for your cottage.

Remember to reach out with any questions or if you are interested in an Anorra turbine for your cottage. Now is the perfect time to schedule a spring or summer 2021 installation. Thanks for reading!

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