Evidence of Climate Change in Canada's Recent Extreme Weather

January was interesting month for Canada when it comes to weather. With extremely cold temperatures in the west and record snowfall in the east. These weather patterns are peculiar and abnormal for many Canadians. With more winter storms and extreme colds to come in February its clear that this weather is not just a coincidence.

Why This is a Climate Change Effect

Climate change is caused by greenhouse gases that trap heat within the atmosphere. This then leads to average global temperatures increasing. The issue with this is that it is causing the Arctic to melt at alarming rates. Canada is affected by this because melting glaciers increases colder ocean currents and wind patterns. In the short term this is making Canadian winters more unpredictable and harsher at a fast rate.  

How to Help Prevent Climate Change in Canada

The answer to Canadas’s weather problem is not simple, nor is the answer for climate change. All that can be done right now is to take the right steps towards a clean renewable future. Borrum Energy Solutions is working towards this goal by harnessing the power of wind as one of the cleanest energy sources available. Our microgeneration wind technology can help homeowners in rural locations reduce their carbon footprint to work towards a cleaner future. Renewable energy produces zero greenhouse gas emissions. By switching to wind we can help decrease the amount of pollutants in our atmosphere helping prevent the effects of climate change.

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