Five Major Global “Tipping Points” Are in Danger of Being Crossed

A new study states that there are five major global “tipping points” that are on the verge of being crossed at current levels of global warming. There are two potential futures for our society depending on decisions to be made regarding greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning towards renewable energy sources.

 More than 200 researchers identified 26 natural processes or features at risk of being irreversibly disrupted by climate change. They include ice sheets, tropical rainforests, mountain glaciers, ocean currents, and coral reefs. They found that at current levels of warming, there will likely be

  • mass death of warm-water coral reefs
  • the collapse of Greenland and West Antarctic ice sheets
  • sudden thawing of permafrost regions is also considered possible

These disruptions in nature can impact humans in several ways. First of all, many countries depend on coral reefs to guard against incoming storms and reduce the damage done by surging seas. The collapse of ice sheets will result in a rise in global sea levels. Thus, the death of warm-water coral reefs and melting ice sheets in West Antarctica would lead to increased natural disasters. Furthermore, the sudden thawing of permafrost regions can damage roads, houses, and other infrastructure.

 The researchers identified positive tipping points, which include the rapid improvement in battery technologies as well as electric cars becoming more widely used. These improvements could make the transition to renewable energy production easier and faster.

 As the state of the environment is getting worse due to climate change, it is important that we minimize our carbon footprints. The Anorra Turbines and Towers allow rural homeowners, tiny homeowners, and cottage owners the opportunity to power their homes with wind-based clean renewable energy.

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