Generation Z Is Making Major Strides Against Climate Change

In an age of social media dominance Gen-Z (Generation Z) has grown up in a pandemic with the internet on the tips of their fingers, as well as a climate catastrophe in their future. All these factors have made it clear to them that an essential change must be made to government and politics.

Who is leading the way?

Youth figures such as Greta Thunberg have rallied and inspired millions of Gen-z’s across the globe to make their voices heard. One of these groups is called Fridays for The Future, which has rallied over 14 million youth supporters globally to strike on March 25th to enact change.

What changes should be made?

The Cascade Institute survey on youth climate values found that 95% of Canadian youth surveyed believe that government is one of the key factors that needs change. The group Fridays for The Future has 3 main goals; keep global temperature rise below 1.5 °C, ensure climate justice and equality, listen to the best-united scientists.

Why such a radical change?

A recent survey from the Cascade Institute showed that only 23% of people surveyed believe that the Canadian government will meet its 2050 net-zero emissions target. Another survey from the University of Bath England concluded that 64% of the 10,000-youth surveyed believe that their government is not doing enough for the environment.

How can Borrum Energy Solutions help?

We at Borrum Energy Solutions believe that our microgeneration wind turbine the Anorra can help Canada in reaching its Net-zero zero emissions target. Our Anorra allows cottage and tiny homeowners to decrease their natural gas energy consumption and thus lower household emissions.


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