Global Energy Production, by Country

Energy production has been a very hot topic for the past few years as climate change is becoming a very serious issue. Graphics by 911 Metallurgist gives a breakdown of global energy production, displaying which countries have consumed the most fossil fuels, nuclear, and renewable energy since 1980

Fossil Fuels

It is become very clear that fossil fuels are detrimental to our climate. Although many countries have begun reducing their fossil fuel production, there are a few countries who continue to increase their production. China is the world’s largest fossil fuel producer with over 100 Quadrillion British Thermal units of fossil fuel production. This is equivalent to a fifth of the world’s total supply in 2019. Over the last 10 years Chinas coal production has been more than the rest of the world combined.

Nuclear Energy

Leading the way for nuclear energy production is United States. They are generating more than twice the amount of second place France. While nuclear power is a carbon-free alternative to fossil fuels, the Fukushima nuclear disaster caused many countries to abandon the energy source, which is why global use has declined in recent years.

Renewable Energy

Although China is the world leader in fossil fuel production, they are also the leaders in renewable energy production. China's unique position as a technological innovator has contributed to the growth of renewable energy consumption. As a result, the cost of installing solar cells and wind turbines has decreased. Europe is another significant contributor to green energy production.


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