Global Gas Crisis: Record Breaking Prices

Canadians are facing a gas crisis as prices are breaking records. Consumers are beginning to feel the pressure of trying to fuel their cars and heating their homes. The average gasoline price in Canada hit $1.45. When the pandemic had started travel was restricted which resulted in decreased oil prices. Oil was just under a dollar about a year ago but with restrictions easing up oil demands increased, and shortages begin to be seen. Within normal circumstances oil prices tend to decrease during the winter season as travel slows down but with the pandemic normal seasonal patterns have been ignored.

Below is a 12-month average retail gas price chart. This chart shows just how much these prices have gone up. Prices were ranging between $0.95 and $1.00 during November of 2020. Now prices are well over $1.40.

Utility bills will also take significant hits as Canadians will be facing higher costs to heat their homes. Enbridge Gas Company had announced in the beginning of the month that they would increase rates. Manitoba hydro have increased their rates by approximately 8.7% annually.

These price increases can be avoided if everyone commits to use clean renewable energy sources. One option is to invest in a microgeneration wind turbine to partially heat your homes, reduce the electricity supplied by the grid and reduce your energy costs.

The benefits:

Clean and Renewable

  • Wind energy is a clean and renewable alternative to fossil fuels
  • The production of wind energy emits no greenhouse gases and uses no water for generation

Always Available

  • The wind is always available, no matter the season or time of day, which makes wind energy useful in rural areas of Canada

Future of Wind Energy

  • As fossil fuels become obsolete, the growth of the wind energy sector will increase exponentially reducing the effects of climate change worldwide

Non-renewable resources are not only damaging the environment but their putting a dent in our pockets as well.  Prices will only continue to go up and shortages are uncontrollable but using clean renewable resources will not only reduce costs, but they are always available.


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