Is Global Warming Increasing Home Runs?

With Major League Baseball home run numbers increasing drastically over the past few decades, people have been looking for a reason why this change is occurring. With Aaron Judge’s record 62 home run season in 2022, it seems like there is something in the air. Which there might be.

There are many factors that go into hitting a home run. And a reason for the home run increase could be the advances in sport technology leading to a further hit ball, but today we are talking about how rising temperatures could correlate with the increase in home runs.

According to this study a game that is 10C warmer than the average game, has nearly 20% more home runs. The reason is air density. Hotter air is less dense, meaning there is lower resistance when a ball is hit. Leading to an increase in distance. The effect that temperature has on air density is best seen in the three states of matter (see graphic below). As water heats up, it gets less dense and while the changes in matter are more drastic, a higher gas temperature has a smaller density than gas with a colder temperature.


While an increase in home runs may seem like it will only serve to make baseball more exciting, it also poses health risks to all the players and fans with increased likelihood of heat stroke and hyperthermia. Climate change will affect not just baseball, but society. To learn about how a home wind turbine could help your home or dwelling reduce climate change, visit our website. Or contact us for a calculation of the money you could be saving from a home renewable system.

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