Heat Pumps are most efficient for heating and cooling

With climate change on the rise, people seem to look for solutions on how they can reduce their impact. It has been a challenge to find effective solutions that can affect a large group of consumers across the world while also providing them with numerous benefits. A solution that is cost-effective and efficient while being better for the environment has not been adopted by enough people yet. This solution is a win-win for the environment and homeowners.

Heat pumps are the most efficient way to cool and heat your house in both the scorching hot summers and the freezing cold winters. Instead of having to create heat by combusting fuel and losing energy in the process, heat pumps only move air from inside the house to outside and vice versa. This allows for the heat pumps to be exceptional in efficiency and save homeowners a substantial amount of money. Either new homeowners looking for ways to heat and cool their houses or current homeowners looking for a replacement for their house’s system can switch to heat pumps.

Heat pumps can be expensive especially when you want to heat and cool a larger house. Luckily there are many rebates here in Canada that allow for heat pumps to be accessible to all Canadians. An example of a homeowner that managed to work out the opportunity costs of buying a heat pump as opposed to a fossil fuel-based tank was Mike Ritter. He explains how it all works out,

“Honestly, we were shocked that we could do it, we don’t make doctor or lawyer money, and we wouldn’t have expected to be the kind of people with central heating and cooling in their house. But there’s a million ways you can spread out the costs and get rebates and get energy credits. It’s not much more than what you’re already spending on energy right now.”

 Rebates are also proof that the government encourages Canadians to switch to Heat pumps. These rebates can get as high as $7000 depending on how efficient the heat pump is. The Canadian government is making efforts to shift its citizens to less impactful environmental sources of energy and heating. The Anorra wind turbine also has grants that the government provides for consumers willing to use it. Using both heat pumps and the Anorra is an effective way to generate clean renewable electricity to power the heat pump while lowering electricity costs and your contribution to global warming.

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