How Can you Reduce your Carbon Footprint?

Although climate change and global warming need action on a global scale, there are many ways you can help by reducing your carbon footprint. Now you may think to yourself what exactly is my carbon footprint? There are many online sites which provide tools with which you can calculate how much your carbon footprint. The Nature Conservancy offers a quick and easy to use Carbon footprint calculator. However, the purpose of this blog is to provide you ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint simply by changing your day-to-day habits.

What is Carbon Footprint?

First off let’s understand what carbon footprint means. In simple terms the amount of greenhouse gases that we produce by the actions we take is our carbon footprint. The most common gas that us humans emit is carbon dioxide. Most of our carbon footprint as individuals comes from housing, transportation, and our food choices. In this blog we will focus on ways we can create an eco-friendlier home to reduce our carbon footprint.


There are numerous yet simple effective ways you can make you home eco-friendly. The first thing that can be done which is quick and effective is installing LED light bulbs. Using natural light throughout the day will reduce the need for bulbs, but when it gets dark, and lights need to be switched on LED bulbs are the best option. The next step that can be takin is unplugging devices that aren’t being used. A lot of the times we tend to leave devices or appliances that we don’t used plugged in. This is a waste of energy which can be easily avoided. While we’re on the topic of unplugging devices, old fridges use an ample amount of electricity. These appliances should be recycled and replaced as they waste energy and money. There are many options out there that are affordable and energy efficient. Another significant source of carbon emissions is the use of natural gas heaters. Wind turbines, solar panels, and geothermal energy are all clean renewable energy options to heat your home.  





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