How Canada is Struggling to Meet Future Emission Targets

All around the world many countries are making joint and individual efforts to reduce emissions and increase renewables. Efforts like the “Paris Accord” have been put in place to try and bring these efforts into a reality. Unfortunately, progress so far has been underwhelming, and Canada is not excluded from the group of countries that are not doing enough.

So far Canada has set several emission targets from now until 2050. The most current goal for Canada is to reduce emissions to below what they were in 2005 by 45% by 2030. According to a recent study published by Corporate Knights, Canada has not made significant progress towards this goal. In fact, an underwhelming 6% of the target has been reached so far.

For Corporate Knights to determine this percentage, they used a system they made called the Earth Index”. As stated by the Corporate Knights, “The EARTH INDEX is obtained by dividing the emission reductions in 2019 by the annual emission reductions required to meet the stated target. Any result less than 100% indicates insufficient progress to meet the stated target, and when emissions are growing rather than declining, a negative score is obtained.”

Looking at the data used, the largest factor that Canada is lacking in is building emissions. These are all emissions that come from housing and commercial buildings, due to things like the use of natural gas heating.

Photo From EARTH INDEX REPORT, Published by Corporate Knights

How Canada Can Reduce Building Emissions

The only way to reduce the emissions from buildings is to switch to renewable alternatives. Electric heating and appliances must be solely used in homes to drop emissions to zero. Although relying on electricity for everything in a home will drive up electricity costs, Borrum Energy Solutions can help prevent this. With the use of the Anorra microgeneration wind turbine homeowners can help Canada reduce building emissions to reach the greater goal for 2030.

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