How do Ontario Laws Influence Microgeneration Wind Turbines?

With the Canadian government pushing toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, more Canadians are turning to clean renewable energy sources. The 2019 repeal of the Ontario Green Energy Act has limited exemptions for citizens starting renewable energy projects. However, Ontario residents do not require building permits for SWTs (small wind turbines) rated 3 kW or less.

What are Ontario's Provincial Requirements?

While Ontario citizens do not need building permits for SWT towers or foundations, all citizens must follow their building codes and regulations. Also, the ESA (Electrical safety authority) requires an inspection of all systems that generate electricity. Finally, arrangements must be made with your local electricity provider if the SWT is connected to your home and the local energy grid.

How does BES follow these requirements?

Borrum Energy Solutions' Anorra microgeneration wind turbine is rated 1.2 kW, while the Anorra Plus is rated at 3kW. None of them require a building permit, and both microgeneration wind turbines meet the Canadian Electrical Code.

Municipality Information

Property and sound limits are determined by authorities that have jurisdiction, such as local municipalities or agencies. For more information regarding municipal renewable energy regulations, please contact the Ontario Ministry of Energy's Renewable Energy Facilitation Office (REFO) at 1-877-440-7336 (REFO) or e-mail:



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