How Wind Can Help Electricity Become a Cheaper Energy Source


All around the world wind is becoming more common as a reliable source of energy and clean electricity generation. With wind energy generation growing globally it has driven the technology to advance to new heights. Wind generation technology was judged for a long time, being too expensive to build and manage compared to just burning fossil fuels, this is far from the truth in 2022.

A recent study published by PIK (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research), stated that “Cost-slashing innovations are underway in the electric power sector and could give electricity the lead over fossil-based combustion fuels in the world’s energy supply by mid-century”.  This is huge for the energy industry as for years fossil fuels were cheap and accessible and the opposite for electricity. Predictions show that this could be flipped by 2050 and possibly even earlier. According to the referenced study costs per kilowatt-hour of wind power are steeply falling while household technology improves. For example, electricity powered heat pumps use less energy than any other heating alternative.

With the whole world likely moving towards running on electricity by 2050 homeowners can start making the move now with the Anorra home wind turbine. The Anorra is perfect for offsetting heating electricity costs, while reducing household emissions. With wind technology rapidly advancing, Borrum Energy Solutions, will continue to innovate and provide Canada with more efficient microgeneration wind turbines.

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