How Ocean Currents Affect our Climate

Earth’s ocean currents bare a heavy impact on our climate. Oceanic currents naturally transport warm water and precipitation from the equator to the north and south poles, and vice versa. These currents are naturally driven by global wind systems which are fueled by the energy of the sun. They help regulate the earth’s climate by counteracting the uneven distribution of solar radiation brought upon earth’s surface.

What’s Causing These Changes?

Melting ice caps and glaciers have been leading contributors to the changes in oceanic currents. To put it into perspective, “over the past 20 years, five trillion tons of ice has melted around Greenland alone. That’s equivalent to 10,000 Sydney Harbours worth of freshwater” (Science Alert, 2022). This mass amount of freshwater being released into the ocean makes the water more buoyant, thus reducing the sinking of dense water.

What Ramifications Can We Expect to See?

Through modern technology, The University of New South Wales conducted various simulations to understand how oceanic currents can impact the earth’s climate. The simulations showed that the changing currents caused dry air to descend over pacific regions, forming a La Nina-like state. If earth were to stay in these La Nina conditions long-term, there would be huge increases in precipitation, such as rain, snowfall, and hail.

Prevention Tactics

Having this information allows scientists to interpret the impacts of changing currents on our future. From then, we can pinpoint certain measures that must be taken in order to reroute the course we’re currently on. First things first, we must begin by growing a new low-carbon economy. Borrum Energy Solutions can assist in the reduction of carbon emissions. Our Anorra and Anorra plus microgeneration wind turbines can reduce your reliance natural gas and diesel-based grid energy. To find out more, please visit Borrum Energy Solutions.


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