How Will the New Federal Carbon Tax Rate Affect Canadians?

Starting April 1st, the federal government has raised the carbon tax rate to $50 per tonne of emission. The most significant impact of this tax will be seen in provinces that have not implemented a provincial carbon tax. Canadians in these provinces will see gas prices rise by at least 2.2 cents per litre, adding up a total carbon tax of ~11 cents per litre. Canadians might feel the rise in carbon tax the hardest at the gas pump, but homes that use natural gas for heating will see a jump in heating costs.

Why do we have a Carbon Tax?

The carbon tax is one of many tools that the Canadian government utilizes to reduce emissions. With the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050, the carbon tax influences people and industries to transition to clean energy.

How Can Borrum Energy Solutions Help?

As the Canadian government pushes to meet its net-zero emissions target, Borrum Energy solutions can help your rural dwelling get closer to net-zero emissions. If your rural dwelling is heated by natural gas, the Anorra microgeneration wind turbine will reduce your home’s heating emissions. The Anorra will also provide your rural dwelling with a clean and renewable energy source.



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