How Wind and Solar Power Complement Each Other

Wind and solar energy are two excellent sources of renewable energy that are rapidly growing and becoming increasingly popular. While both wind and solar are excellent sources of renewable energy individually, they can create a near perfect renewable energy system for your home when combined.

Wind and solar installations can provide plenty of electricity for your home, but they are more efficient in specific conditions. Wind turbines generate more electricity in environments with frequent winds greater than 15km/hr. In the colder fall and winter months there are stronger winds and a higher air density which creates an ideal environment for generating higher than average wind energy.

Interestingly enough, this is the opposite for solar energy. Solar panels generate energy by absorbing photons from the sun. Therefore, to maximize energy, solar panels need to absorb as much direct sunlight as possible. The sunny spring and summer months of the year are known to be the peak months for generating solar energy because there is the most direct sun and there are more hours of sunlight each day. More direct sun and more hours of sunlight leads to more solar energy.

What becomes even more interesting is that not only do the seasons adjust the efficiency of both wind and solar systems, but also the time of day. At nighttime, the lower temperatures create stronger winds and a higher air density which increases the energy output for wind turbines. Solar panels are only effective during the day and are most effective when the sun strikes them at a 90° angle. Therefore, because wind turbines generate most of their energy at night while solar panels generate energy during the day together, they can produce a consistent stream of renewable energy for your home.

To summarize, wind and solar are two great sources of renewable energy that complement each other. Wind turbines become most efficient in cold and windy environments, while solar panels become most efficient in sunny environments.

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