How Wind Energy Could Power the Earth Several Times Over

In October of 2021 Dan Jørgensen, a Danish politician spoke on a “Ted Talk” about wind energy. He mentioned how recent technological advancements in wind energy generation could lead to a future where the whole world can run on offshore wind energy. Not only would there be enough energy to power the earth once, but 18 times over according to the International Energy Agency.

Jørgensen suggests that the whole world could run off the wind, that’s including everything from jet planes to big container ships. This is a concept that many people think is impossible, what could be as efficient as oil-based fuels? The answer is Hydrogen Fuel. According to Jørgensen, an electrolyzer is a commercial-grade machine that can transform electricity into hydrogen. This piece of technology can help solve the problem of storing wind-generated energy. Wind energy can now be stored for the days when the wind is not blowing.

What is Hydrogen Fuel?

Unlike gasoline or diesel, hydrogen is a clean fuel that produces zero emissions when used. As stated by The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, hydrogen can be used to store, move, and deliver energy produced from other sources.  Hydrogen is also usable in cars, houses, and much more. Hydrogen is a great fuel source because when consumed it only produces water, unlike fossil fuels.

What does this mean for Microgeneration?

Although Borrum Energy Solutions does not specialize in the large turbines that were referred to in the “Ted Talk”, the presentation demonstrated the potential for wind energy. If wind can power the world 18 times over, it shows how bright the future for wind energy generation is.

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