How YOU Can Easily Measure Tree Heights!

As a customer looking to install a microgeneration wind turbine to generate clean renewable energy, it is vital to understand the various factors that affect wind turbine efficiency. One of them is the clearance between the canopy and the turbine. In general, wind turbines must be at a minimum of 10ft, but ideally 20ft above the canopy of any neighboring tree. The goal is to limit the wind disturbances generated by the canopy.

How can this be properly evaluated?

One of the challenges faced by potential customers is how to best evaluate tree heights. This is important to select the most effective tower height. Various applications available through both Apple IOS and Android provide this service.

Top 3 Tree Measurement Applications

  1. Arboreal Tree

Arboreal Tree was created to measure trees without needing clunky and oversized equipment. The easy-to-use app enables users to receive accurate results in seconds using augmented reality technology. To use the app, all you’ll need is a tree and your smartphone with a working camera. Arboreal Tree offers new users a free trial which includes five free measurements.

  1. Telemeter

Through the use of your smartphone’s camera and sensors, the Telemeter app can quickly measure the height of any tree. Integrated into the application is the calibration mode, which enables users to reference an object with a pre-set height. Upon downloading, new users are given in-depth instructions on how to properly navigate and use the application.

  1. Image Meter

Image Meter is designed to measure through photos. Not only can it measure height, but also length, width, and angles. To receive results, users must simply take a photo of the given tree and upload it to the application’s drop box. From then, users will be given in depth statistics on the image. Image Meter is free to use and is available for Android users through the Google Play store.

These three software applications provide users with the essential functions to accurately measure tree heights. Use these applications to measure the height of any neighboring tree, to then determine the best height for your Annora microgeneration wind turbine.


Arboreal Tree

Image Meter

Free Apps for Me

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