Huge price rise sought by N.B. Power may lead to Renewable shift

N.B. Power Utility is requesting an electricity price increase of almost 20 percent spread over two years. The New Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board will hear evidence over 16 days to determine whether N.B. Power should be allowed to proceed with this raise. Utility CEO Lori Clark says that this increase is necessary to provide customers with reliable power and that they need the money to cover billions of debts on huge infrastructure projects. Clark states that this raise will allow them to cover their costs, as the cost of delivering electricity has risen significantly.

While this allowance for an increase in electricity rates applies solely to New Brunswick, this could indicate that rate increases for electricity are forthcoming for other provinces. As the demand for electricity increases, requiring substantial infrastructure projects, future price increases are anticipated. Protect yourself against future electricity rate increases by using clean, renewable energy sources to generate your own power. Borrum Energy Solutions offers Anorra wind turbines for rural dwellers, cottage owners, and tiny homeowners.

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