Is Net metering in Ontario worth it?

Net metering is a system in which citizens with renewable energy generators (solar panels, wind turbines, etc.) connected to the public power grid can sell surplus energy. The surplus energy is then transferred onto the electricity grid, allowing citizens to offset their power costs.

What are the benefits of net metering in Ontario?

Net metering is one of many programs the Ontario government uses to encourage citizens to switch to renewable energy sources. This program is also being used to combat the looming electricity shortage in Ontario. In addition, this program can allow citizens to create and use clean, renewable energy while lowering their electricity bills. Another benefit of the net metering program is that you would be credited on your future bills for up to 12 months if you supplied more energy than you used.

BES can help you start net metering

Borrum energy solutions Anorra + microgeneration wind turbine can allow your rural home to start net metering. The Anorra + can allow your rural dwelling to produce clean, renewable energy while offsetting your electricity costs.

Apply to the Ontario Net Metering Program, by reading up on the application process and requirements found here,

IESOGovernment of Ontario

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