Joint venture to recycle Lithium-ion Batteries

Two Canadian companies, Elytra Battery Materials from Ontario and Three Fires Group owned by a First Nation have initiated a joint venture that will increase the efforts of recycling Lithium-ion batteries. The anticipated result is an increase in the recovery of rare elements including lithium, nickel, cobalt, and graphite. These four elements require mining which has several negative side effects that are detrimental to the environment: mainly air pollution.

The joint venture will allow for a net-zero industrial facility meaning both their energy consumption and carbon emissions will be zero. In this facility, they will be shredding and separating lithium-ion batteries and black mass (Another word for a battery that has been processed for recycling). It is when the black mass is made that they can extract the rare minerals needed for future batteries.

First Nations-led Three Fires Group aims to develop indigenous leadership to establish relationships with provincial and federal agencies further allowing their communities to have cleaner sustainable energy. This is just one of the numerous ways Three Fires Group is making efforts to create a positive change in their communities with greener practices.

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