Lower Cost Energy Storage Solution

An international team of scientists working on next-generation energy storage solutions has demonstrated an environmentally friendly and low-cost battery with exciting potential. The team's novel sodium-sulfur battery design has four times the energy capacity of a typical lithium-ion battery and appears to be a promising technology for future off-grid and grid-tied  energy storage.

The team's invention falls under the category of molten-salt batteries, which have been around in various forms for around 50 years. As the emphasis on renewable energy grows, scientists are optimistic about the potential of molten-salt batteries to store energy , owing to their low cost and reliance on readily available materials.

When the sun is not shining and the breeze isn't blowing, there is a need for high-quality battery  solutions that don't cost the Earth and are easily accessible on a local or regional level. This sodium-sulfur battery design can be the solution.

After successfully demonstrating the technology in coin cell batteries in laboratory testing, the researchers are now working to commercialize their invention.

Good news for anyone looking at implementing battery storage for clean renewable energy generation such as solar or wind.

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