4 Reasons to Produce Clean Energy


Summers at the cottage are a wonderful way to recover from the harshness of winter, and do you know what can make those summers even better? Microgeneration! Check out this article for 4 reasons to generate your own power at the cottage.

  1. Electricity rates are climbing

With electricity rates set to rise in Ontario, it is important for people to start looking at ways to offset these costs. One of the best ways to do this is with a microgeneration wind turbine. A microgeneration turbine can reduce the power you draw from the grid, providing you with clean, locally sourced electricity for a portion of your home or to power a specific system, like electric heating. By lowering the amount of electricity you draw from the grid, you will also save on your energy bills!

  1. Increase your resiliency to blackouts

The electricity supply in cottage country can be inconsistent to say the least. Long distribution lines and sub-par maintenance over the years has certainly not helped. A microgeneration system paired with batteries provides a portion of your electricity needs when the grid is down.  

  1. Lower your carbon footprint

In Canada, most of our electricity is produced by clean sources like wind, hydro, and nuclear, but the use of fossil fuels for heating results in 70% of the energy used in Canada’s residential sector being generated by the combustion of fossil fuels. Switching to a microgeneration system for part of your cottage’s heating can reduce these emissions, lowering your carbon footprint significantly.

  1. It’s Cool!

Owning a microgeneration system is downright cool. Especially if it is an Anorra microgeneration wind turbine, designed tough to handle the harshest of Canadian climates while being simple enough to assemble and raise with basic household tools. So, if you want to spice up your cottage, start generating your own clean energy!

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